The Tropics and homosexual liberation

For much of Robert Aldrich’s book Colonialism and Homosexuality, my main reaction was surprise at just how many of the famous people of the era of empire were apparently homosexual. From Rajah Brooke to Kitchener to W. Somerset Maugham, it’s clear that gay people as explorers, businessmen, writers and warriors made Britain’s Tropical empire in … Continue reading The Tropics and homosexual liberation

The Maasai Warrior and the Holy Mountain

Tanzania is home of some of Africa’s greatest natural spectacles but it also feels, well, just that - a spectacle - its roads lined with German tourists in safari vehicles and its traditional African hospitality coming with a (large) price tag. You have to search harder for the magic here than elsewhere in Africa, but … Continue reading The Maasai Warrior and the Holy Mountain

Tropical Alternatives to Christmas

As the religious aspects of Christmas fade into the background over time the remaining, pagan European symbology becomes patently absurd, another way in which tropical citizens unthinkingly ape their temperate masters - fake snow in 30 degree heat; a santa costume unwearable without strong air conditioning; a tree from the sub-arctic recreated in plastic. In … Continue reading Tropical Alternatives to Christmas